Sannio Wines

Planning and delivery of a wine tasting series featuring the product line-up and strengths of the Sannio Region. 
 Showcase a line-up of wines from the regions of Abruzzo & Campania in southern Italy, famous for several notable grape varieties including Falanghina Greco, Coda de Vople, Piedirosso & Aglianico.

4 Days / 19 Wineries / 38 Wines / 80+ Participants

Channel Engagement

Concept Design produced a multifaceted brand awareness program targeting the wine industry, including importers, hotels, restaurants, media & influencers across greater metropolitan Tokyo.

Participant Recruitment

A diversified recruitment campaign targeted to specific audience categories.

Wine Tasting Series

A specialized event series focused on tasting categories for Commercial & Masterclass.

Consumer / Market Research

Collection of detailed feedback and key data points from participants in the tasting. 

Venue Selection
Hosted at the Tokyo American Club, a private membership club founded in 1928 with more than 10,000 members from over 50 countries. The club enjoys a central location with stunning views of Tokyo Tower.

Afternoon & Evening | Paired Tastings | Offline & Online Sessions

Masterclass Sessions

Chefs / Sommeliers / Wine Experts & Industry / Media & Influencers

Commercial Sessions

Restaurants / Bars / Lounges / Hotels / Retail / Wholesale / Importers / Wine Schools

Communications Planning

Media Engagement

Securing placement in social and traditional media further extending event coverage and promotional impact.

Usquaebach Whiskey

  • Comprehensive strategy development of an approach for launching a social and digital activation campaign in the highly competitive market in Japan.  
  • An approach centered on Brand Activation aimed to build awareness among consumers and increase bartender recommendations.  
  • Channel Engagement further supported on-premise/off-premise sales promotion through this improved branding of USQUAEBACH.  

Brand Activation

Activations have achieved significant reach, with steady annual increase in participating locations for tie-up campaigns, contributing to 7-10% growth / year. 

Channel Engagement

A B2B2C-style engagement model incorporating several tangent activities to bolster overall effectiveness.

Content Marketing

Content creation, brand story adaptation, social media management for fully localized communications and solid positioning through Facebook & Instagram.

Campaign Development

Marketing and promotional structure is comprised of:
  • Branded Content
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Sponsored Campaigns
  • Drive to Sales (On-Line / On-Premise / Retail)  


Concept Design led a comprehensive program to improve brand awareness in core demographics with an affinity for the style of Cadillac.  
This included fully localized content aligned with global branding guidelines and communications launched on Social Media.
Arranged an extended sponsorship of a branded venue in the stylish area of Roppongi Hills Keyakiza as the Cadillac Cafe.

Content Marketing

Planning and coordination of social media content and community management synced with local and global marketing calendar.

Channel Engagement

Outreach strategy included leveraging premium venues for launch announcements to press and dealership network.


Cadillac Cafe delivered additional prominence showcasing the brand to a cosmopolitan consumer audience through unique events.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Agency of Record for inbound tourism responsible for all media relations, press tours and public relations campaigns for the Japanese Market.

Public Relations

Coinciding with the park's 43rd anniversary, media outreach for launch of attractions at Gala of Lights.

Media Tour

Recruitment of reporters for an exclusive tour of attraction highlights, including famous pandas Le LeAn AnYing Ying.

Branded Collaboration

Ensuring proper presentation to press of branded assets, notably Hello Kitty from Sanrio, during Hello-ween Fest.

Bostik Smart Adhesives

Raise the profile of Bostik through an annual communications program following new product announcements after their global merger with Nitta Gelatin Adhesive. 

Content Creation

Arranged filming and coordinated video production of interviews highlighting key members of executive team in Japan & APAC (Phase I).

Trade Marketing

Conducted a publicity campaign to secure prominent media interviews with channel press timed with a regional tradeshow for APAC (Phase II).

Green Monday

Deliver a publicity program to establish the new product line-up and channel strategy covering retail and consumer for official market launch. 

Public Relations

Concept Design planned a virtual media launch raising the profile of the founder and key market partners across both online and offline publications (consumer lifestyle and industry trade).

Media Outreach

Successful press engagement including 1-to-1 Interviews ensured total media coverage was substantial achieving more than 2x the initially forecast KPI.


Conduct an assessment and market research for the priority portfolio of agricultural items scheduled for promotion in Japan.

Market Research

Analysis of diet and lifestyle habits of key consumer demographics for the US Agricultural Office in Japan.

Consumer Insights

A deep-dive was included covering consumption of media and key influencers that drive topics in Food, Cuisine & Nutrition.

Reality Productions & Hajime Kinoko

Successfully position an innovative combination of art, media and technology for a line of distinct and elusive NFTs.

Communications Planning

Consultation and promotional planning for a launch presenting the worlds of sub-culture, performance art and creative innovation unique to Japan as an NFT.