Concept Design I/O

We are a creative consultancy — covering branding, public relations, media management, and event production — directed by Ed Thompson, Marketing Consultant / Founder. 

Our focus is high-level delivery of communications and strategic business programs for global multinationals across Japan & APAC. 
Contact us if you need to integrate design, marketing, technology and media communications to elevate the reach of your initiatives.

Planning Methodology

As the first step for an effective marketing strategy, it is highly important to focus on the appropriate target audience and develop a creative message that will grab their attention.
Our approach begins with integrating the elements of Media Channels, Experience Mapping, Audience Touchpoints and Brand Essence to develop a thorough Activation Framework.

Brand Messaging

Conveying your brand message so that it is fully appreciated by target audiences is the ultimate goal of our campaigns for Branded Communications
Brand Essence along the central axis is reflected in Experience Mapping, affecting relevant Audience Touchpoints, and ultimately delivered as the core brand message via Media Channels
This is key to constructing a unique brand message incorporating highly-refined creative elements that match the specific goals of your Strategic Marketing.
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Slides and worksheets covering critical thinking, branding, business strategy, strategic planning & organizational development.

Coaching & Leadership

Staff training, team building, executive coaching & organizational development are also a part of our core consulting focus, assisting businesses in improving their overall effectiveness for more than 20 Years.

Strategic Planning

Our consultative services empower companies with expanding operations — but without the matching internal resources — to achieve sustained competitive advantage.

Professional Development

Gain access to a powerful resource for knowledge at Concept Design / ACADEMY /

Our content and toolkits cover critical thinking, strategic planning, branding, communications, human resources and organizational development.