Campaign Development

Structuring a fast-paced market launch to revitalize branding and sales channels with a focus on developing and leveraging grassroots activation for on-/off-premise partnerships.
Relationship development with key partners in retail segments and on-premise categories ranging from restaurants, gallery & event spaces, bars and membership lounges.

Brand Activation

Communications planning incorporating publicity and branding for localized marketing strategy.

Channel Engagement

Sales planning and implementation of outreach strategy connecting importer, distributors and on-/off-trade.

Activation Events

Alignment of partnership and sponsorship opportunities to increase brand exposure in segments of culture, music, entertainment and lifestyle.

Strategic Planning

Analysis of sales and marketing strategy to maximize new contracts and structure from import, distribution and sales channels.

Market Positioning

Adapting an updated brand differentiation matching the local market and moving from niche concentration to wider purchase opportunities on-/off-trade.

Syncing with emerging sub-culture & industry trends and movements at the right time 🎯

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