Agency Leadership

Ed Thompson

Marketing  Consultant / Founder
As founder of Concept Design, Ed works with multinational clients providing strategic marketing and public relations with a focus on emerging technology. 

With more than 20 years in Japan, he has built solid experience handling the varied challenges leading multicultural, cross-functional teams at all levels of global organizations, to consistently deliver positive outcomes for corporate initiatives. 

He continues to assist both domestic and multi-national corporations in increasing brand awareness through the planning of effective marketing strategies, customer loyalty programs, and lead generation campaigns.

Shoko Nangu

Publicity / Media Relations
Shoko is a Japanese native fluent in English with 30+ years of media and public relations experience. She has handled assignments for over 100+ trade, corporate and government organizations. 

She has also developed a comprehensive list of media contacts at major online and offline publications, allowing her to customize communications strategies and media engagement to match the unique objectives of specific client assignments. 

The full range of domestic and international publicity activities she has directed includes press conferences, media tours, advertising tie-ups, consumer engagement event activation, seminars and tradeshows for multinationals in B2C / B2B.

Ahmed Juhany

Currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at University of Calgary, Ahmed has developed a unique perspective across academia and business that includes residencies in Tokyo, Japan /  Amsterdam, The Netherlands / 
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Articles / News / Information

Thursday, December 23, 2021

An amazing analytical tool to evaluate professional challenges is the SWOT: Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats.

However, to use it most effectively you must ensure that you are applying the core elements of a Strategic Mindset (Research / Analysis / Synthesis).

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Our recent intensive workshop was a great success covering Communications & Messaging @ Continuing Education at Temple University, Japan Campus 🇯🇵

Ranging across numerous topics for becoming a better communicator, we explored Social Scoring, Personal Behavior, Corporate Culture and toolkits including OCEAN & HEXACO 🤓

We even managed an impromptu wrap-up session at a local spot near the campus in Sangenjyaya — appropriately named SANITY 😅 — with director of the program @ Justin Sanders, PhD.

Coming up early next year for the Spring Semester 2022 is my next course for Contemporary Advertising 


Our logo is inspired by the shape and purpose of a securing bolt.

The logo consists of 3 separate objects that represent Process Mapping, Strategic Marketing, and Branded Communications. These methodologies are the pillars that firmly support delivery of our services.

These represent our mission to strengthen our clients’ business initiatives through exceptional planning and delivery of Campaigns & Promotions.