Usquaebach Whiskey

  • Comprehensive strategy development for launching a social and digital activation campaign in the highly competitive market in Japan.  
  • An approach centered on Brand Activation aimed to build awareness among consumers and increase bartender recommendations.  
  • Channel Engagement further supported on-premise/off-premise sales promotion through this improved branding and positioning.

Channel Engagement

Promotions have achieved significant reach, with steady annual increase in participating locations for tie-up campaigns, contributing to 7-10% growth / year. 

Brand Activation

A B2B2C-style approach incorporating several tangent activities to bolster overall effectiveness.

Content Marketing

Content creation, brand story adaptation, social media management for fully localized communications and solid positioning through Facebook & Instagram.

Campaign Development

Marketing and promotional structure is comprised of:
  • Branded Content
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Sponsored Campaigns
  • Drive to Sales (On-Line / On-Premise / Retail)