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Sustainability as a Value Creator

Sustainability as a Value Creator

米国ファンドによるインパクト投資セミナー 🎯

An in-person seminar with Mr. Carlos Reyes, Managing Director of Palladium, an investment fund management company for private companies in the United States.

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Carlos Reyes
Managing Director, Co-Head of Sustainability, Palladium

November 28, 2023 Tue. 16:30~18:00

Hibikoku Conference Square
Meeting Room 8E

Palladium Equity Partners is a private equity investment fund management firm in New York, USA, that invests in middle-market companies in the consumer goods, healthcare, industrial, and service industries. The fund invests in consumer products, healthcare, industrials, and services.

The fund is a unique fund management firm with a long investment history spanning 27 years, specializing in deal sourcing for fast-growing Hispanic-owned businesses in the US. Palladium is also an industry leader in advancing sustainability, particularly in social issues. This seminar will focus on the following points;

- A practical approach to private equity investment: How U.S. mid-cap fund GPs are integrating sustainability into their value creation and solutions to social issues.

- Specific examples of portfolio companies: how GPs are creating impact in their portfolio companies.

- Networking and collaboration opportunities to share knowledge and exchange ideas with others who are involved in similar initiatives.