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Account Planning / Community Engagement

Erina Inui Barker

A fully bilingual specialist delivering the highest quality cross-cultural adaptations for advertising, athletics, media and entertainment in English & Japanese @ Concept Design I/O.

Coordination & Planning

Responsible for the itinerary planning of mission and activation tours reactivating and expanding the outreach of Concept Design in Hong Kong & Macau.


Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation to bridge cultural and linguistic barriers on behalf of the World Athletics at the Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games 2020. 

Covered 50+ days, 300+ hrs of interpretation, and coordination with the 20+ television, satellite, and radio broadcast teams comprising the The Japan Consortium.

Rugby World Cup 

Reporting, interpretation and coordination during the Rugby World Cup as the Brave Blossoms ignited rugby passion in Japan.

Covered 45+ days, 150+ hrs of interpretation, 50+ hours of coordination and on-the ground reporting with Tokyu Agency and the BBC.

Community Engagement

Created and managed ongoing engagement sessions to grow awareness and boost participation following the launch of Clubhouse in Japan.  Regular townhall sessions featured recaps, guest speakers and talks with key members from the leadership team in the US.  

Publicity / PR

Gained an extended interview showcasing the impact of the platform launch, significance of the growing community, and influence on the larger social media landscape by GQ Japan.