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Craft Sake Shoten / Yokohama

Craft Sake Shoten / Yokohama

週替わりで銘酒と熟成酒のラインアップを提供 🎯

A visit to see a new approach to delivering quality o-sake / お酒 🍶

Ran by Brian Hutto, Craft Sake Shoten offers a hand-selected line-up of premium Junmai / Honjozo / Ginjo / Daiginjo 🇯🇵❤️ 🎉

The highlight was an aged junmai genshu koshu from 2002 more akin to fine brandy 🥃

Brian says, “Particularly with aged options like koshu, most people have never learned enough to thoroughly enjoy rarer varieties of sake. The right selection can match some of the most demanding palates and food pairings.” 🧐

The location has become quite well-known overseas with ongoing tasting sessions for Sake Educational Experiences via AirBnB 🎯

The packages are usually available as two-hour tasting sessions from 3pm to 5pm ✴️

Perfect for a quick visit and only a short walk from the West Exit of Yokohama Station 🏙️