Agency Leadership

Ed Thompson

Marketing  Consultant / Founder
As founder of Concept Design, Ed works with multinational clients providing strategic marketing and public relations with a focus on emerging technology. 

With more than 20 years in Japan, he has built solid experience handling the varied challenges leading multicultural, cross-functional teams at all levels of global organizations, to consistently deliver positive outcomes for corporate initiatives. 

He continues to assist both domestic and multi-national corporations in increasing brand awareness through the planning of effective marketing strategies, customer loyalty programs, and lead generation campaigns.

Shoko Nangu

Publicity / Media Relations
Shoko is a Japanese native fluent in English with 30+ years of media and public relations experience. She has handled assignments for over 100+ trade, corporate and government organizations. 

She has also developed a comprehensive list of media contacts at major online and offline publications, allowing her to customize communications strategies and media engagement to match the unique objectives of specific client assignments. 

The full range of domestic and international publicity activities she has directed includes press conferences, media tours, advertising tie-ups, consumer engagement event activation, seminars and tradeshows for multinationals in B2C / B2B.

Ahmed Juhany

Currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at University of Calgary, Ahmed has developed a unique perspective across academia and business that includes residencies in Tokyo, Japan /  Amsterdam, The Netherlands / 
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Articles / News / Information

Advancing with SMART

Saturday, November 20, 2021

A realistic outlook for the challenges you face can be developed with SMART (Specific / Measurable / Achievable / Relevant / Time-Bound).

As a goal-setting method, it helps in creating a clear roadmap for achieving your goals and objectives, along with managing scheduling and resources.

The framework establishes goals that are well-planned and easily evaluated.  This approach can be further strengthened with the thinking behind the 6Cs of Communication.

S = Specific

  • Refine and be very specific with your goals and objectives

M = Measurable

  • Establish clear milestones for each stage of progress

A = Achievable

  • Determine the necessary steps for the entire project

R = Relevant

  • Align elements so they are consistent and connected

T = Time-bound

  • Schedule realistic considerations for any challenges or unexpected developments

This style of thinking avoids the difficulties that arise when your objectives are too abstract, over-ambitious or ill-defined for your professional or business challenges.  It is another critical thinking tool that works extremely well when developing your SWOT/TOWS.

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